Marijuana and the School of Absurdity

From Demetrius Toteras:


“In the Pre-Classical and Classical Periods, the Old Greeks drank booze, they would water down their wine and maintain a dull, hazy buzz for hours and hours, which allowed them to relax enough to find that informal and loose clarity of which they were famous, but today, alcohol doesn't serve us as it once did and it has been replaced by marijuana, which provides even greater clarity while, like the hemp plant itself, binding all of one's existential issues into a mural which passes across the mind and emotions. Good dope is necessary today in order to experience Thought, that metaphysical quality the sages and seers have long sought after. Thinking doesn't require any aids, but Thinking is not Thought, for Thought explores the essences, the ideals and concepts and as philosophers, there is no better tool for reaching into the essence of any subject than fine marijuana.”


The School of Absurdity has relied on the penetrating, intuitive qualities of California Indica for many years, and you will note that nearly every official School audio or visual document comes with a strong suggestion to ingest marijuana before experiencing the material. This warning is to be taken seriously, for many of the ideas and thoughts expressed by Toteras and the members of the School can really only be appreciated and even understood properly when one is 'stoned'.


As Toteras used to say, “You can't work when you're loaded, but to be creative, you should be stoned, for it clears away all the distractions of your day and allows you to focus on what matters: the oussia, or essence.”


Therefore, for those seeking greater understanding into the mysteries behind the work of the School of Absurdity, roll one up and toke deeply before letting our unique brand of Thought cascade upon your Being.