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This is the home of some of the most unusual, compelling and profound theatrical work the world has ever seen! It may not make sense at first -and may never- but you're not here to make sense of anything, you're here to  experience the world of Demetrius Toteras and The School of Absurdity!


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Curated by the Pataphysical Institute of Northern California, this website is dedicated to the work of one of the 20th Century's most important absurdists, Demetrius Toteras, and his principal students, Uncle Tad Baker and the members of Universal Thought and the Northern California Collective Consciousness (N.C.C.C.).


Please take your time going over the following pages, where you'll encounter the categories of activity related to Toteras' work and that of his students. You'll have the opportunity to learn about the background and theories of the School of Absurdity while sampling its audio, video and pictorial archives, including the School's most important endeavors:


Uncle Tad Baker's Loon Show

The San Francisco Farting Contest

Pindaro's Belly Pageant or The Belly Play

Uncle Tad Baker's Men's Club

The Anti-Feminist Meetings

The Northern California Collective Consciousness

Universal Thought

The audio/visual thoughts and observations of Demetrius Toteras


Everyone over 18 is welcome at the School of Absurdity, the 20th Century's most outrageous, offensive, shocking and absolutely enjoyable audience-participation, experimental theater group!


R. Milton Quibner, Senior Fellow

Pataphysical Institute of Northern California