About the School of Absurdity


Demetrius Toteras' School of Absurdity is modeled on the Academy of Plato and, similarly, is concerned with the proper preparation for a person interested in the creative life. The School, with its emphasis on Pre-Socratic and Socratic-period philosophy, theater and history, focuses on training the imagination for purposeful, ethical use in the arts by way of the development of a principled life, rather than a factual one. Toteras felt that without the structure and discipline of principles, which allows you to categorize, there is no way to express the imagination, known in the Classical period as 'a pure form of hallucination'.


At the School of Absurdity, we foster and encourage day-dreaming, and we study our mistakes to train our characters.


At the School of Absurdity, we make observations not conclusions; our emphasis is to make things understandable rather than leave didactic messages.


At the School of Absurdity, emphasis is placed on Attention to Being or, Feeling about Thought, not Thinking about Feelings. The School seeks a theatrical view of Reality in order to open up a subject and explore its possibilities as it relates to us; a poetic/philosophical view; oral, theatrical, unscripted and non-psychological.


At the School of Absurdity, we strive for a State of Clarity, which Toteras defines as 'taking all doubt from the mind, for doubt opens paranoia, which makes you sick'.


At the School of Absurdity, we present the concepts, not the personalities, of the pre-Classical period, the Imaginative Period before the Golden Age. We reinterpret this work and bring it forward in a modern context and setting.


The School of Absurdity is based in San Francisco, California, with field offices in Sebastapol, Villa Grande and Butte Valley, California.