The Belly Play

Months after the success of the First Annual San Francisco Farting Contest, Toteras and Baker decided to embark on another profoundly offensive play: the search for the Most Beautiful Male Belly in America! Toteras felt that, in this age of 12-pack abs and endless dietary and exercise regimens, and all the energy spent by the Super-Fit Generation to 'look beautiful', the very idea of Beauty had been usurped to mean only that which was thin, lean and aggressively concerned with the exterior. This, according to Toteras, was in stark contrast to how former periods viewed Beauty, when a man with a large belly was proud of himself because he had earned the right to be large, and the most beautiful women were those who exaggerated their curves and natural softness rather than trimmed themselves to the bone.


The School decided to offer an alternative to the present-day standards of Beauty and embarked on a voyage to find the Most Beautiful Male Belly in America! The Belly Pageant, as it was called, would be a traditional beauty contest between large, proud men in non-traditional poses and settings.


Once word got out, the School was flooded with applicants and a suitable location was quickly chosen: El Rancho Tropicana in Santa Rosa, CA, with its 1500 seat hall.


The problem: neither Toteras or Baker were large enough physically to be appropriate MC's for the show, as they strongly felt a man of real girth must be found to lead and lend legitimacy to the proceedings. Enter the impresario, Paul Pindaro, a profoundly large and eloquent speaker with years of stage experience.


What then took place in the summer of 1989 in Santa Rosa...well, the film made from that amazing event has been included in the School's 'Unlisted' category due to its highly controversial nature. Below is a description of the documentary:


Sunday with Toteras or, The Belly Play


“In July of 1989, Demetrius Toteras and Tad Baker had devised their most outrageous play to date, The Belly Play, a beauty pageant for obese men, yet were missing the event's cornerstone: an obese Master of Ceremonies. They struck gold when Paul Pindaro, the legendary impresario, agreed to come on board the project.


In this documentary, spend a pleasant afternoon with the team at Toteras' estate in the hills above Sebastapol, California, and get ready for a rare view inside The School of Absurdity's Inner Sanctum.”

The Anti-Feminist Meetings

In the fall of 1990, the School embarked on a series of informal events at the Rumours Cafe on Broadway in downtown San Francisco, in what would be called Uncle Tad Baker's Anti-Feminist Meetings. The events were designed as a vehicle for Toteras to explore his 'anti-feminist, pro-woman' beliefs in an environment which might foster Thoughtful Understanding rather than Mayhem. What was remarkable about these evenings was not only the idea of holding events dubbed 'Anti-Feminist' in perhaps the world's leading Feminist city, but that the evenings were ultimately quite pleasant and the dialogue and conversation, while lively, was always civil, a stark contrast to the furor just months before at the Loon Show.


There are 2 films made from the Anti-Feminist Meetings, a short 5 minute promo featuring Toteras, and a full-length feature film highlighting a particularly volatile evening, along with a collection of poetry readings from some of the city's leading poets and philosophers. The 5 minute promo is made available to the public by using the YouTube link below.

 The Anti-Feminist Meeting

  with Demetrius Toteras:

     5 Minute promo

Uncle Tad Baker's Anti-Feminist Meeting: The Movie


“In what would become known as 'the most politically-incorrect poetry readings in America', Uncle Tad Baker, Demetrius Toteras and various members of the Northern California Collective Consciousness gathered at the Rumours Cafe on Broadway in San Francisco every Thursday night in the Fall of 1990 to explore the affects of Feminism and to bask in the glow Toteras' explosive Anti-Feminist, Pro-Woman philosophy.


In this 1 hour and 20 minute documentary, you'll hear the incandescent Toteras along with Baker and some of San Francisco's finest poets as they flesh out what it means to be 'pro-woman, anti-feminist' and the reactions of those who both agree and disagree with this unusual and provocative philosophy.”


Uncle Tad Baker's Men's Club audio recordings 


Uncle Tad Baker's Men's Club performs at the University of Colorado Boulder, with Demetrius Toteras as the Professor. In this 30 minute recording, join Toteras as he discusses personal issues with relevance to men:


Toteras, 'I'm a nobody, I don't read'; on Tits; on treating women as superior; on your mother, 'women don't want to be fucked, they want to be loved'; the smells of a man

Backstage with the Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, with Demetrius Toteras as the Professor. In this 30 minute recording, join Toteras as he discusses personal issues with one of the School's Inner Sanctum, Gordy Creech, and then speaks on the following themes with relevance to men:


'We're a collection of bad habits, so make art out of it'; story of Toteras' Mom at the bar; Gordy's ultimatum from Lisa; 'there are no rules, just rationalizations'; Gordy falls apart; 'you either respect yourself or you don't!'; a woman's fidelity gives you a sense of security; modern man hedges his bets; getting away from women; man's only problem is not accepting who he is; mating instincts of men; our great belief in Authority